V2.8, V2.9 and 3.0 Roadmap; Plus, duplicate map uploads to Quest

Worth noting a few things.

The newer versions of BMBF use a different algorithm to determine if a song pushed to the Quest is “new” or not. Previously, when you made an edit, the new copy would overwrite the other. Now? BMBF sees your level change and makes it a NEW song! So you edit for an hour, get under the Quest and see 40 copies of your song. Worse, you don’t know which one is “the latest” to even test!

The unicorns are aware of the situation and we’re working on a solution.

Meanwhile, 2.9 of BMT will prefix your uploads with an ever-growing number so you can at least see what is the LATEST one. Not ideal – but the only thing we can do until the BMBF issue is addressed.

Roadmap for 3.0 includes the removal of all Beat Map 1.0 song conversion. If you’re not using a Beat Map 2.0 compatible editor (MMA2, Chromaeditor) you’re going to be out of luck. There will be no support for old BeatOn (hopefully nobody is still stuck back that far).

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