Upcoming BMT 2.1

I know, releases have been a bit slow in coming here. Here is what I’m currently working on.

  • Bsaber.com now enforces some info.dat parsing rules that MM MK5 doesn’t support. While I don’t plan on FIXING this deficiency within BMT, I will warn you that a song is invalid if you’re still using an editor that isn’t compliant. For those using MM MK5, I recommend checking out this blog entry.
  • Limited Custom Color Support. I’m not going to modify your info.dat for you if you want to use custom colors. I will provide a color picker tool that will let you choose the colors and generate a clipboard item that you can then easily paste into your own INFO JSON file. Should be a lot quicker. I choose not to fully integrate it because it doesn’t work on Quest yet. When Quest gets support too, I’ll make it seamless into the BMT app.
  • Several really glaring bugs that needed to be fixed.

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