“Bloody brilliant! OMG this is going to make my new mapping hobby so much easier! I’m off to donate to your cause!”


“BMT simplifies the mapping workflow by managing the files, tools, and interfaces mappers need most, and lets you concentrate on the fun part – mapping! It’s highly configurable and flexible and just plain works. An example from my workflow: open BMT, click a button, and Mediocre Mapper is open and ready to use. Click save on a map, and it’s not only ready to playtest in VR on my PC, it’s also been backed up to another directory, AND deployed wirelessly to my Quest. And speaking of Quest, if you have one and plan on mapping, then BMT is THE tool to have. Automatic, wireless deployment of your map to the Quest is absolutely the easiest way to map and test with the Quest. On top of all this goodness, the developer, Darkuni, is extremely responsive to user’s needs and exceptionally quick with maintenance and enhancement of the application. After the map editor, this is the most important tool in a mapper’s arsenal. If you’re not using BMT, you’re mapping the hard way!”


“BMT is an indispensable addition to every MM user’s kit – a simple and elegant solution to the headaches associated with packaging, uploading, synchronizing and locating your custom songs. The accompanying Guide is straightforward and descriptive, making the BMT accessible and easy to implement for even the greenest neophyte. “