Services for 90/360 Mappers

Note: these features are available in BMT V2.5 and above.

Working on 90/360 maps offers a number of challenges to the Beat Saber mapper. At the time of writing, no publicly available, community approved beat song map editor properly supports 90/360 maps and the community is using a laborious process for working on and testing these kinds of map characteristics.

The popular Mediocre Map Assistant 2 (MMA2) can handle the 90Degree or 360Degree maps if they are previously created and referenced in the info.dat – but does not offer support for the rotational angle event types (aka 14 and 15) and the presence of these event types will cause issues with the application as a whole. In addition to the characteristic/difficult sections needing to be added to the info.dat JSON, a new environment must be added as well; and this cannot be done directly by MMA2.

That means that during mapping and testing, mappers must keep TWO copies of their map; one for editing that has info.dat changes, difficulty map .dat files WITHOUT event types 14 and 15 – and a second one for playtesting that has all the changes including the event type 14 and 15 for rotational events. Currently, this is a totally manual process which mappers must perform; and this includes the find and replace of event types 12 and 13 to be changed to 14 and 15.

To make matters worse, mappers have to keep track of the rotational position of the player throughout the map; ensuring that tethered players aren’t being mummified in their own VR cabling – and ending the map facing forward. With dozens of changes per map, the mappers are using a complicated spreadsheet to calculate the rotational values versus player position.

In estimate, this can add 50% or more time to map creation.

BeatMapper Tools has always been there to lighten the load of mapper workflow – and starting with V2.4 and fully realized in V2.5 – BMT returns again to fully automating the mappers workflow – meaning you can save in MMA2, then immediately test your map – with NO manual processes in between; even 90 and 360 degree maps.

BeatMapper Tools works by constantly “watching” your custom map folders for changes to the info.dat file (aka – you hit SAVE in MMA2). Once it sees a change, it goes into action; performing various services.

For 90/360 mappers, this is the workflow that BMT will perform for you.

  • Your WIP map will be cloned into a new folder called <map folder> – 90360
  • A map .DAT file you specify e.g. ExpertPlus90.dat will be parsed:
    • All event type 12 will be changed to event type 14.
    • All event type 13 will be changed to event type 15.
    • Each rotational angle change will be parsed and the player’s current rotational value will be displayed
    • Warning will be given each time the player performs a full rotation (aka “cable wrapping”)
    • The player’s FINAL position will be displayed.
    • In the JSON, the songtitle will be changed to <songtitle> – 90360 so it shows up uniquely inside of Beat Saber.

Changing your map’s ORIGINAL files is something BMT doesn’t do as a rule; but it was indicated that there is a lot of manual labor being done to the info.dat in order to register a 90Degree or 360Degree characteristic.

You can now use BMT to add new 90/360 difficulties. Inside of BMT, on the Song Manager tab, select your song and a difficulty (e.g. Normal90.dat), and click GENERATE 90/360 DAT and BMT will perform the following tasks:

  • Backup your info.dat -> info.bak
  • Generate a blank <map90|360>.dat file (if one doesn’t exist)
  • Alter the info.dat:
    • Add Characteristic (e.g. “90Degree” or “360Degree”) if it doesn’t exist
    • Add the selected .DAT difficulty node (e.g. Normal, Expert, et al)
    • Reference the existing or new .dat
  • The above workflow is immediately executed so your cloned folder has all the new info.dat goodies.

This really removes all manual editing of JSON and gives mappers back the time to do what they love – creating kick ass maps for the community.

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