Quest Users

I am totally thrilled to be able to offer BeatMapper Tools’ featureset to the Oculus Quest community. The goal of this application is to lighten the workflow around designing and play testing maps. Thanks to the help of the BeatOn/BMBF staff, we’ve been able to drastically reduce the level of effort required to edit and test maps. Upon every save of your custom map in Mediocre Mapper, BMT will convert the map, pack it to a zip, upload it to the BeatOn/BMBF webserver on your Quest, and hit the Sync button – all automatically. By the time you get the headset on after saving, your map should be ready to play!

Let’s make you more productive!

BeatMapper Tools was designed to let mappers spend more time mapping and testing and less time packing and deploying.
Even with great tools like SideQuest and BeatOn/BMBF – getting your maps from “Edit” to “Play” is quite cumbersome.
This is probably similar to what you’re doing today:

  1. Save your map changes in Mediocre Mapper
  2. Verify your files and pack up into a ZIP file
  3. Upload the ZIP file to your Quest via SideQuest or BeatOn/BMBF
  4. Perform a resync/injection of map into Beat Saber Quest
  5. Exit and restart Beat Saber to pick up the changes
  6. Play test your map
  7. Wash, rinse and repeat for each edit

After today, this could be your new work flow:

  1. Save your map changes in Mediocre Mapper
  2. Play test your map

A combination of solutions makes it happen …

BeatOn/BMBF has calls within its built in web server that allow BeatMapper Tools to upload and sync without needing you to lift a finger.

Marry this with BeatMapper Tools’ glue to put them all together eloquently and you are playing your maps 70 seconds after you save them – with no manual intervention.

No need to use command line tools or just work on a single map at a time.

Make sure you have BeatOn/BMBF and SideQuest all set up and working. Note: You don’t actually NEED SideQuest – but you do need to have developer access on your Quest – and if you’ve set up SideQuest successfully, then you’re already ready already.

Download the tool available on the download tab – better yet, join our Discord channel for the latest builds.

Unzip it wherever you like.

Run BeatMapper Tools.exe and when asked, say you’re exclusively using a Quest for map testing.

You’ll be asked to provide the location of your Custom WIP maps.  Follow the instructions.

Once the initial wizard is completed, head over to the Miscellaneous tab and provide your IP address on the Quest.  You’ll need to check Deploy to Quest in order to be able to send your songs there.

Use the CHECK BeatOn/BMBF STATUS each time you run to make sure the BeatOn/BMBF server is running properly on your Quest.

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Make sure the Watcher is turned on, then go edit your map in Mediocre Mapper. Each save will trigger a deployment of the song to your Quest – showing up as a Custom Map in the interface.  You can also manually deploy from the Song Manager tab.

You will want to check out all the features of the program – it does so much more.