What is it?

BMBF is a new version of BeatOn – the tool that patches Beat Saber and allows you to insert custom songs on the Quest. BeatOn was discontinued by the developer and BMBF is based on the same code repository. BMBF works with Beat Saber 1.4+ (aka the Panic at the Disco build).

Why do I need it?

You cannot deploy to Quest via BeatMapper Tools without it.

Note: You only need the APK installed. You do not need the “desktop” component.

Where do I get it?

Get the APK Here. If the APK link is broken, find the latest release at the GitHub repository.

I am not coming from BeatOn. What do I do?

This assumes you’re on Beat Saber 1.4 (aka the Panic at the Disco build) or higher

  1. Install Beat Saber (if you haven’t already)
  2. Run beat saber once
  3. Exit Beat Saber
  4. Install the above APK with Sidequest
  5. Run Sidequest TV from Quest
  6. Run BMBF.
  7. Follow instructions to the letter.During the install process, do not hit OPEN – hit DONE
  8. Go to the TOOLS tab in BMBF and ensure the web server is running.
  9. Make sure you’re on BMT 2.0d (see the Discord)
  10. Check box the USE BMBF INSTEAD OF BEATON option under SYNC TOOLS.

Note: The desktop application is not required for BMT use. I didn’t even install it.

Policy Against Abuse

I have a currently working BeatOn 1.3.5 with older Beat Saber. What do I do?

If you’re on BeatOn 1.3.5/old Beat Saber, this is what I did to clean and update. (I’m sure this isn’t the only way)

Note: Always worth backing up BeatOn, BS, etc. before you do this.

  1. Open BeatOn from the browser in Quest
  2. Tools->Uninstall Beat Saber
  3. Open Sidequest on PC
  4. My Apps -> Uninstall BeatOn
  5. Uninstall Beatontv
  6. Install BS from Oculus store in Quest
  7. Run Beat Saber once
  8. Exit Beat Saber
  9. Install APK with Sidequest
  10. Run Sidequest TV from Quest
  11. Run BMBF
  12. Follow instructions
  13. Make sure you do DONE not OPEN
  14. Resync your song(s)

Note: The desktop application is not required for BMT use. I didn’t even install it.

Will I get in trouble for continuing to use my Quest with BMBF?

We don’t know.

Neither Oculus nor the Beat Saber devs are commenting on this particular situation and that has a lot of people very concerned and scared about what retaliation Oculus might take.

The punishments outlined in the TOS read:

Then we may, without limiting any other rights and remedies available to us (including any other rights to terminate or suspend your account or access to the Services), elect to do any or all of the following:

  • Warn you that your conduct has violated our policies;
  • Limit, suspend, disable your Developer Mode;
  • Limit or ban your access to certain Oculus platform features;
  • Suspend, terminate or ban your Oculus user account; Ban you from creating or registering any new or additional Oculus accounts; and/or
  • Refer you to law enforcement.

Obviously you assume the responsibilities for the actions by continuing to “violate” the TOS.

SideQuest can’t see my Quest anymore!

Oculus’ update (which coincided with this in close timing) turned OFF Developer Mode which SideQuest needed to run properly. You can turn this back on by going to your Oculus app on your phone or tablet, selecting SETTINGS, <your Quest>, More Settings, Developer Mode.

Your previous configuration should now go back to working.