Installation and Usage

Download the application. Unzip it wherever you like; it is “portable” – no install or support files are required.

Double click on “BeatMapper Tools.exe”.

You’ll be asked if you’re ONLY going to be using an Oculus Quest with Beat Mapper Tools.  If you say yes, you’ll be asked to select the custom song folder that contains your Mediocre Map custom songs.

Next, you’ll be asked to choose an EGG file (the OGG song in the new Song Format 2.x) in one of your custom map folders. This helps the app figure out where all your Work In Progress maps are being stored. If you are storing your WIP maps in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Beat Saber\WIP Songs and have a song in there called ElectricDreams, use the file dialog box to select the EGG file in that folder: (Only EGG files will be shown so you can’t pick the wrong thing)

If you are not using just a Quest (or using both a Rift and a Quest), you’ll be asked to choose your Beat Saber game exe (for Steam, it might be in a location like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Beat Saber and for Oculus users, it may be in a location like C:\oculus\software\software\hyperbolic-magnetism-beat-saber).

Song Screen

After completing the short wizard, you’ll get the main interface – and the watcher tool will be OFF. Click the Watcher Mode button to turn it ON (from now on, the tool will always start in ON; this is just to help you get familiar with the app).

That’s it! Go open Mediocre Mapper and work on one of your maps! Whenever a change is seen (even an AutoSave – if you have it enabled in MM) your song will be automatically converted and deployed with no action from you. When you’re ready to test, run Beat Saber and your song will be waiting for you.