License, Disclaimers and Thanks

I know how valuable your custom maps are. Every attempt has been made to ensure this tool will NOT delete, corrupt or otherwise mess with your stuff (your own custom maps or the custom maps of others you’ve downloaded). That said, I am not responsible for any issues, data loss, corruption or random act of God that may lead to loss of data.

The app never directly opens or edits your files – it always works off of copies.

This tool is not open source, but I’ll share the code with anyone that wants to look at it. Not because I’m against open source or have anything to hide, I just don’t want to be told what a sloppy programmer I am. This is a hobby project and not a commercial one.

BeatMapper Tools uses a console application written by lolPants and is included with this download – specifically songe-converter which you can learn more about here. A license file is included with the distribution.

Special Thanks

I’d like to thank MajorPickle (my favorite Beat Saber mapper … and my friend) for not only the inspiration to write this application, but also his endless hours of patient beta testing. 

CyanSnow was instrumental in ensuring full map compliance and performed tireless testing and re-testing of the application and the override file system.

techbutterfly for his ENDLESS hours of testing and putting up with dozens of .exe updates.  Thank you, my friend.

emulamer for directly adding functionality to BeatOn to support BMT.  We were able to kill ADB integration thanks to him.

greatcecil for being our first PayPal donator!  I wish I could frame that donation and put it on my wall.

MaybeeMae for her help in being my first guinea pig on the new guide.  It helps to have someone fresh to the product go through something like that and she did a fantastic job.