Upcoming BMT 2.1

I know, releases have been a bit slow in coming here. Here is what I’m currently working on.

  • Bsaber.com now enforces some info.dat parsing rules that MM MK5 doesn’t support. While I don’t plan on FIXING this deficiency within BMT, I will warn you that a song is invalid if you’re still using an editor that isn’t compliant. For those using MM MK5, I recommend checking out this blog entry.
  • Limited Custom Color Support. I’m not going to modify your info.dat for you if you want to use custom colors. I will provide a color picker tool that will let you choose the colors and generate a clipboard item that you can then easily paste into your own INFO JSON file. Should be a lot quicker. I choose not to fully integrate it because it doesn’t work on Quest yet. When Quest gets support too, I’ll make it seamless into the BMT app.
  • Several really glaring bugs that needed to be fixed.

Welcome to the new BeatMapper Tools Site!

As you can see, we’ve moved things around a little. Should make it easier to find stuff. I’m still cleaning up a few things, but we should be 100% here shortly.

Big thanks to Maybeemae for helping out during the move!

If you’re a mapper or a tester (or both), you will want to register here. I have some exciting features coming in BMT that will use this code and your user name to provide new services!

Make sure you fill out the Secret Mapper Code under your Profile:

You will probably want to enter your BeastSaber Username as well – I’ll be tying some functionality to that as well in the future.