BeatMapper Tools V2.4 Release (90/360 Mapper Tools)

With the addition of 90/360 maps and the community mapper tools not fully supporting these new functions, I’ve spoken with members of the mapping community to find out how I can ease their workflow issues.

Those using Mediocre Map Assistant 2 are performing the following workflows on EACH edit of the map.

  • Duplicate the WIP map folder to edit
  • Perform various edits on the info.dat (adding difficulties)
  • Open *.dat file with the 90/360 map and perform search and replace on:
    “_type”: 12 -> “_type”: 14
    “_type”: 13 -> “_type”: 15
  • Use a Google Spreadsheet to calculate rotational analysis on the map data to figure out which direction the player is facing after each rotational change (ensuring that the map doesn’t spin the “cabled” VR players into a cable-wrap situation)
  • Quest Folks: Pack and send the map to the Quest for testing.

This was an amazing amount of effort.

With BMT V2.4, we’ve relieved MOST of that manual effort; saving the mappers considerable time and effort (I understand it shaves HALF their mapping time – whooo hooo!).

There are a few more things that could be done to help out, but head over to the Change Log or Download page and get the update.

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