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“Bloody brilliant! OMG this is going to make my new mapping hobby so much easier! I’m off to donate to your cause!”


“BMT simplifies the mapping workflow by managing the files, tools, and interfaces mappers need most, and lets you concentrate on the fun part – mapping! It’s highly configurable and flexible and just plain works. An example from my workflow: open BMT, click a button, and Mediocre Mapper is open and ready to use. Click save on a map, and it’s not only ready to playtest in VR on my PC, it’s also been backed up to another directory, AND deployed wirelessly to my Quest. And speaking of Quest, if you have one and plan on mapping, then BMT is THE tool to have. Automatic, wireless deployment of your map to the Quest is absolutely the easiest way to map and test with the Quest. On top of all this goodness, the developer, Darkuni, is extremely responsive to user’s needs and exceptionally quick with maintenance and enhancement of the application. After the map editor, this is the most important tool in a mapper’s arsenal. If you’re not using BMT, you’re mapping the hard way!”


“BMT is an indispensable addition to every MM user’s kit – a simple and elegant solution to the headaches associated with packaging, uploading, synchronizing and locating your custom songs. The accompanying Guide is straightforward and descriptive, making the BMT accessible and easy to implement for even the greenest neophyte. “

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BeatMapper Tools v2.1 

Windows 7/8/10;.NET 4.5 required; Release Notes

Disclaimer This version of BeatMapper Tools is constantly in development and there are always potential issues (none should cause a loss of data, though).  This version works with all editors, including MM MK4.1 and MK5.  I recommend everyone follow our new tutorial.

Installation and Usage

Download the application. Unzip it wherever you like; it is “portable” – no install or support files are required.

Double click on “BeatMapper Tools.exe”.

You’ll be asked if you’re ONLY going to be using an Oculus Quest with Beat Mapper Tools.  If you say yes, you’ll be asked to select the custom song folder that contains your Mediocre Map custom songs.

Next, you’ll be asked to choose an EGG file (the OGG song in the new Song Format 2.x) in one of your custom map folders. This helps the app figure out where all your Work In Progress maps are being stored. If you are storing your WIP maps in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Beat Saber\WIP Songs and have a song in there called ElectricDreams, use the file dialog box to select the EGG file in that folder: (Only EGG files will be shown so you can’t pick the wrong thing)

If you are not using just a Quest (or using both a Rift and a Quest), you’ll be asked to choose your Beat Saber game exe (for Steam, it might be in a location like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Beat Saber and for Oculus users, it may be in a location like C:\oculus\software\software\hyperbolic-magnetism-beat-saber).

Song Screen

After completing the short wizard, you’ll get the main interface – and the watcher tool will be OFF. Click the Watcher Mode button to turn it ON (from now on, the tool will always start in ON; this is just to help you get familiar with the app).

That’s it! Go open Mediocre Mapper and work on one of your maps! Whenever a change is seen (even an AutoSave – if you have it enabled in MM) your song will be automatically converted and deployed with no action from you. When you’re ready to test, run Beat Saber and your song will be waiting for you.

License, Disclaimers and Thanks

I know how valuable your custom maps are. Every attempt has been made to ensure this tool will NOT delete, corrupt or otherwise mess with your stuff (your own custom maps or the custom maps of others you’ve downloaded). That said, I am not responsible for any issues, data loss, corruption or random act of God that may lead to loss of data.

The app never directly opens or edits your files – it always works off of copies.

This tool is not open source, but I’ll share the code with anyone that wants to look at it. Not because I’m against open source or have anything to hide, I just don’t want to be told what a sloppy programmer I am. This is a hobby project and not a commercial one.

BeatMapper Tools uses a console application written by lolPants and is included with this download – specifically songe-converter which you can learn more about here. A license file is included with the distribution.

Special Thanks

I’d like to thank MajorPickle (my favorite Beat Saber mapper … and my friend) for not only the inspiration to write this application, but also his endless hours of patient beta testing. 

CyanSnow was instrumental in ensuring full map compliance and performed tireless testing and re-testing of the application and the override file system.

techbutterfly for his ENDLESS hours of testing and putting up with dozens of .exe updates.  Thank you, my friend.

emulamer for directly adding functionality to BeatOn to support BMT.  We were able to kill ADB integration thanks to him.

greatcecil for being our first PayPal donator!  I wish I could frame that donation and put it on my wall.

MaybeeMae for her help in being my first guinea pig on the new guide.  It helps to have someone fresh to the product go through something like that and she did a fantastic job.