Welcome to BeatMapper Tools

This all-new version of BeatMapper Tools is for Beat Saber custom map authors to help manage, pack and upload, synchronize and deploy to Oculus Quest.

Easy and Automated Deployment to Oculus Quest

If you make custom maps using your Oculus Quest to test, you are already fully aware of how complicated just deploying a SINGLE change can be.

Not only can BeatMapper Tools one-button deploy your custom song to Quest, it can watch your custom maps folders for any changes – automatically deploying your custom map directly to Quest.

Just hit SAVE in Mediocre Mapper (or any editor; even Notepad) and grab your Quest; all the complex and time-consuming workflow has been done for you; leaving you more time to do what you love – making great maps.

Song Manager

The Song Manager let’s you quickly browse and validate all your custom maps; with complete metadata including things like Characteristic Difficulties and Contributors.

Quickly edit your audio file, find that perfect cover image and more – all in a single tab.

Sync – For Safety and Convenience

Our Sync tools will help you “echo” copies of your custom maps – as you update them – to backup locations, a second copy of Beat Saber (for those with Oculus and Steam versions), a second mapping PC or laptop … or anywhere you want.

This happens automatically in the background while you work – giving you peace of mind and ultimate convenience.

Use incremental copies to make sure every save you commit is available – just in case half way through your song you want to go back to an earlier version.

Packs Maps for Distribution

It is easy to make mistakes when packing your finished maps for uploading to Beatsaver.com’s website; especially if you’re a new mapper.

This tool takes the guess work out of the packing process, making sure you have a perfect zip file every time without any extra assets or embedded folders.

Once packed, it will open the web site for you to upload (it even copies the Artist – Title to your clipboard; just paste it into the first field).

After you’re done, you can even let BeatMapper Tools “finalize” the song for you; moving it out of your converted WIP folder and putting it with the rest of your custom maps so you’re ready to play competitively.

Other Fun Features

  • Automatically launch your Editor when you start BeatMapper Tools
  • Open your song’s OGG file in Audacity for a quick touch up.
  • Offers to open Beatsaver.com after done packing – after all, you want to share, right?
  • Once packed, BeatMapper Tools will offer to clean up the WIP song folder and move it to your Custom Levels.
  • Cover search! Hate your cover? Use our Cover Search to automatically use your metadata and some Google features to find that perfect sized cover in a square aspect ratio.
  • Custom Program Launchers! Our users use a lot of different tools to make maps – now you can conveniently set these up withing BMT and launch them quickly and easily. We provide eight slots to store your favorite tools.
  • More focus on Oculus Quest users! We heard you – we’ve overhauled the work flow (goodbye ADB!) and worked with the BeatOn/BMBF author to make deploying to Quest tons faster and more reliable. We’ve even given you a second IP address for those that move around.
  • Unpatched Beat Saber support for the awkward days between a new release and the MODs getting repaired.
  • Dark mode! If you’re like my wife, you like the lights OUT. BeatMapper Tools now supports a clean dark mode.
  • NEW: Custom Color Tool – Auto generate JSON custom color code to inject into your INFO.DAT.
  • NEW: Drag and drop ZIPped songs into your Custom Song list for instant addition to your WIP folder.
  • More features being added all the time.